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What I'm Working On

Fort Wayne needs a proven leader who will put people above politics. The city council needs a councilwoman who will fight to strengthen the economic growth for the entire city, encourage policies that promote new businesses that pay a living wage, enforce governmental transparency through fiscal and administrative accountability, and support public safety through the city’s police and fire departments by securing proper funding annually, ensuring everyone lives in safe neighborhoods throughout the entire city. These fundamental elements are essential to building stronger communities, creating stability for our city, and a livelihood for all citizens of Fort Wayne. 


The future of Fort Wayne, however, is not without its challenges. Over the years, I have seen first-hand opportunities that benefit from the city’s downtown economic revival; while the downtown continues to grow, as a City Council At Large Councilwoman, I want to ensure the growth happens throughout the entire city. The concerns of those residents uncertain about their neighborhoods, schools, and businesses that often feel as though they are on the “sidelines of success” have captured my attention and fueled my candidacy for City Council.  The greatness of our city should not be limited to the excitement and growth of downtown but should spread like wildfire across all of Fort Wayne – for THIS is our destiny.

As a campaign platform, I have chosen to focus on three fundamental themes:

  1. We are expanding economic and redevelopment development opportunities in traditionally under-served communities.

  2. Spur economic growth and opportunities for corporations and small businesses committed to hiring Fort Wayne residents, thus expanding the City’s tax base.

  3. It promotes policies encouraging healthy and safe neighborhoods, especially for young families and single men and women.

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