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What I'm Working On

Fort Wayne is in need of a seasoned leader who will prioritize the well-being of the people over political considerations. The city council needs a councilwoman who will fight to strengthen the economic growth for the entirety of the city, encourage policies that promote new businesses that pay a living wage, enforce governmental transparency through fiscal and administrative accountability, and support public safety through the city's police and fire departments by securing proper funding annually, ensuring that everyone lives in safe neighborhoods throughout the entirety of the city. These foundational components are necessary for the development of stronger communities, the establishment of stability for our city, and the provision of a means of subsistence for all residents of Fort Wayne. 

The future of Fort Wayne, on the other hand, will not be without its share of difficulties. I have witnessed firsthand the opportunities that have arisen as a result of the city's downtown economic revival over the course of the years. While the growth of the downtown area continues, one of my goals as a councilwoman at large for the City Council is to make sure that the growth is spread throughout the entire city. My attention has been captured by the worries of residents who are unsure about the future of their neighborhoods, schools, and businesses and who frequently have the impression that they are on the "sidelines of success." These worries have been the driving force behind my decision to run for a second term on the City Council. The magnificence of our city should not be confined to the vibrancy and expansion of the downtown area; rather, it should sweep across the entirety of Fort Wayne like a raging wildfire, for THIS is where we are destined to be.

As Councilwoman in my first term, I have focused on:

  1. Raising the amount of opportunities for economic and social growth in previously underprivileged neighborhoods, ensuring the stability of the Art's Campuses, Public Buildings, and providing competitive compensation for public personnel.

  2. Stimulating economic growth and possibilities for companies and small enterprises that are committed to hiring Fort Wayne locals, which will ultimately result in an expansion of the City's tax base..

  3. Government Transparency includes the financial and administrative control of tax payers' dollars, as well as the appointment of constituents to the city council and the mayor's boards and commissions.

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